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Default Admin issues

I don't know how to make a password in my own room i buying for admin. It only reconizes me as a normal person, how do i alter this an make myself admin.
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rt-clik in window / server admin / login / enter Admin password

then - server admin / user editor / admin tab / 'server admin'

or this:

When you first get your server you will most likely be logging in as a Guest and should create a new account for yourself that has the Server Admin right.

1) Right click in the main window and select Server Admin -> Login
2) Enter the global server admin password.
3) Open the User Editor window and create a unique login name and password for yourself.
4) Select the Generic Admin profile and press load.
5) Click on the Admin tab and enable Server Admin and any other options you think you will need.
6) Click Add.

Now log out of the server. Modify your details for this server so that your account now has the unique password. Log back into the server and it should give you automatic Server Admin rights.

If you are the owner of the server you should never give the global admin password to anyone. Keep it for yourself in case of emergencies. With version 3.0 on up you can assign admin equivalent rights to ordinary users without having to give them full Server Admin. Consequently, because an account has Server Admin doesn't mean that they have complete control like older versions did. They would still need to enable the other options found on the Admin tab. Then again, if they have Server Admin they can assign themselves these options. Assign it sparingly and only to people you can trust.

If you revoked the server admin right for an account that is currently logged in then it will take effect as soon as you press the Update button. However, if you assign the server admin to an account that is already logged in then they must disconnect and reconnect for the server admin right to take effect.
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Default Admin issues

I know that if you whant to "forceclass" all players, you have to do in console:admin forceclass sf ----- sf is an exampleInstead, Im not sure if you can forceclass your team and not the opTeam...... Why wold you do that anyway? Isnt anti-sportif??Regards
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This is ventrilo website not America's Army website. Ventrilo does not support America's Army Operation admin features. You must post at the proper website. is offline   Reply With Quote
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Steelox if you are a channel admin you can rt click on the channel with the "A" beside it go to edit and the pop up window will let you edit the basics for the channel only.

passwords phonetic and different things (to many to list here) after you finish editing you click ok and you should see a red + beside the name of the channel .. this means it has a proper password and other users must enter it when going into the channel

IF the + is yellow this means it needs user authentication (admin must give access to users to move into this channel)
OR they can be moved here by an admin
OR they have the proper authentication and rank to transmit in said channel.
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