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Question Audio Delay Problem

I have a friend that has a ventrilo problem but only during 1 game. When we play other games its fine no audio delays or any other problems. When we play Golf It before the game starts/loads everything is fine. Once the game turns on it starts getting a delay in his inbound audio. This goes from a 30 second delay to at least 2 mins. As soon as the game is closed everything goes back to normal. The game itself isn't lagging or having problems. We had him run a speed test and he was at 75+mbps so it shouldn't be a bandwith problem.

Golf it is a unity based game with options to start either with unity, directx, or opengl mode.

Any ideas on what to test and what to try and fix it? It didn't have a problem the first few nights we have been playing but he switched to a bluetooth headset with that being the only bluetooth device. Seeing as it still works fine in other games like Black Ops 3 I don't think it's the headset/bluetooth causing the problem.
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first have him try enabling the 'wireless headset' option in vent setup/devices tab.

also have him watch the vent ping indicator when the problem starts. the average number shouldn't deviate much.
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