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Default Ver 4 works but not 3.0.8

It has been a couple of years since I used Ventrilo. I have had my current Modem for 4 years and I know that Ventrilo worked then. I installed the new version 4.0.1 and tried to connect to a friend's vent server and got the message that is was running incompatible version 3.0.6. I get the same message on every free vent I have tried.

So, I install version 3.0.8 and every server I try I get the dreaded "Msg: Contacting Server"

This pretty much tells me that the Firewall, SIP/ALG etc. are not the problem. No? Needless to say I disabled the firewall which did not good and I have a TC8305C which does not have SIP/ALG configuration options available to me. But, If the modem was the problem, why did it work OK a few years ago and why does it resolve the DNS and connect to the servers well enough to complain about the out-of-date client?

Sigh, can someone please help before my head explodes?
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first - verify that the server is online - [url][/url]

then recheck the server info in your client to verify the hostname/ipaddress and port# are correct

try connecting to this server -
port = 8250
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Sigh, I am brain dead. I had my friend's port number wrong. Your server and his work in version 3.0.8 but not 4.0.1 which is fine by me.

However, the Ventrilo Status Page says neither of the two servers is responding. Which, obviously, is not true.

Thanks for your help!
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