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Default Poblem with admin server

Ive downloaded ventrilo and the srv and i use it when i play my game but i wish to become admin server because pple that arnt my friends anymore join and dissturb us how do i become admin ? i right click and enter in ventrilo_srv.ini as password but it doesnt work could some1 please help? thank you for your time

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I haven't hosted a vent in awhile but I believe one of those vent_serv files you just right click, and open with note pad. Somewhere in the file should be a line of adminpassword of some sort, there you type what you want it to be. Then in the actual vent server, right click, server admin, login and type the password. From this point you can manually add yourself to the user list as admin, so you don't have to login each time.

You should probably also add a server password while your adding yourself to admin.
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if you change the server ini file, ensure that the server is restarted for the changes to take effect.
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