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Many users of this forum have similar issues which could easily be resolved with better communication and information provided. I find many users needing help and sometimes due to frustration, the explaination of problem cited is unclear and hard to understand. To further complicate things, Many users could be better helped in my eyes if they provided specific information regarding their configuration. Therefore I am asking every user to read this post and attempt as clearly as possible to append the following information in every and any post they give when asking for help. Even if some specific information is not entirely related to the problem at every given moment, The following information is very relevant in fixing the majority of Ventrilo Issues....

Operating System [Mac/Win/9.x/NT/2000/XP (Home or Professional)]
Service Pack 2 [yes/no]
Type of Internet Connection [dial-up,DSL, Cable, T1....]
Video Card
Sound Card
Direct X [Version]
Error Message [if any]

If you have trouble collecting these specifications please refer to a 3rd Party Website designed to display a complete system information and tips to improve Windows or Mac performance at no cost.

If an admin or moderator could make this post *STICKY* that would be a huge huge help for myself and other knowledgable helpers in this forum website. Thanks

Hope it helps

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