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Default How I fixed Server 3.0

Like many others I had difficulty after upgrading to server 3.0

I could connect internally on the LAN IP - but not on the WAN IP. External users were unable to connect to my server from outside my network. They only got the message MSG: Contacting Server.

I'm using a Netgear WGR614 router.

Port forwarding was set up - but apparently the old server used TCP only and version 3.0 uses UDP as well.

Problem - the WGR614 does not allow you to specify the protocol. TCP is apparently assumed with the exception of a few forwarding schemes that are built in.

Solution - Under the advanced menu - go to the WAN setup page. Check on "Default DMZ server" and set it to the LAN IP of your Vent server. This will default all traffic to that IP that isn't specifically forwarded elsewhere (including UDP on port 3784).

This fixed my problem.

If you aren't using a WGR614 but aren't able to specify UDP forwarding - look for a similar setting on your router.

If you can specify UDP - make sure you create 2 rules... 1 for UDP and 1 for TCP. My understanding is that some people have had trouble when setting a single line UDP \ TCP rule.

Hopefully this helps at least one person out there!

Good luck all.


Edit: I should disclose that this does essentially put your server in a DMZ so only do this if you are willing to accept the security risks inherent in doing so.

Edit 2:

In the end I didn't want my server in the DMZ due to the security concerns, so I ended up replacing my router. This one is cheap and works beautifully. [url][/url]

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