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Cosh Holga
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Default Ventrilo not connecting.

Here is my situation: The vent server I go to all the time just suddenly stopped connecting. Not normal connecting stop but you hit connect and the program just sits there with no error or sound like it didn't work. Tried this for 4 hr to see if it would eventually connect and no go. I went to a different vent server and works competently fine. Ive already tried the firewalls, virus, etc and nothing. I have never seen the program just hang there and do nothing why trying to connect. If anyone has seen this and had an idea how to fix I would greatly appreciate this. Also I tried to connect via a different vent account name and still nothing just sit there. I know people are on the vent and the server works fine just cant figure out my end.

Side note OS: Vista SP2, Kaspersky 2010, modem > ooma VOIP > Router > computer

Mind you this program worked fine just a few days ago and nothing was changed on the computer.
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