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Default Using a Proxy Gateway


I can connect to Ventrilo servers just fine when I am not at work.

When I am at work, I have to go through a proxy gateway before connecting to normal internet. Is there a way todo this for Ventrilo? I have been looking through the GUI and it was not obvious to me. Most applications I can find a preference setting to change to make this doable.

Is there a config file I can modify to have the app connect to the internet through the proxy config I have set through the control panel for windows 7, or to set it up manually within the Ventrilo client?

Thanks in advance!
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vent uses whatever the primary network adapter is set to but there might be something different in your routing. can you post the following and I will see if you can use the route command to force it.

do this when you are at work in order to get the proxy network info

start / run
route print

then copy/paste the list here
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