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Default Feature suggestion(s)

Recently I've had a user creating phantoms in half or more of the channels on my server - They're public, but it's still a little creepy and he's gotten some complaints about it. I don't want to revoke his phantom privledges completely, just to limit them to maybe one phantom, but it's only an on/off thing in the user settings. If there's a way to do it that I don't know about, please enlighten me, but if not, I'd like to propose it as a future feature.

Another idea I had (that is slightly less plausible, but it seems like a good idea on paper) is dynamic private channels (which would be set on a channel-by-channel basis). This would be a case where the first person to enter a channel would be granted temporary admin rights to that channel to set a password and to move people in and out of it. (or just in/kick people from it, depending on which is easier) In this case, members could have private conversations over vent between themselves without having to bug me or another admin to make a secure channel or give them authorization to a private one.

Just a suggestion. I have to say the current Mac build is amazing.
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