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Default Connecting to your vent

Well I setup my vent server on my own computer, I found that you can't use a router ip, but you have to go to a website and get your true ip and use that to connect to. You can cannect via your router ip, but only you can do that because it's on your network. I found it rather easy to setup, simply add port forwarding through your router for port 3784 which is the default vent server port. Edit the ini file for your server with your password and other such data and you should be up and running in no time.

I was thinking about buying a server, then wondering how much bandwidth it needed to run and found even with a poor cable connection with little upload I could easily run a server on my computer for my guild I created.

After 20 minutes of downloading the vent server client, I had someone else in my vent and he said it was clear and decent, so why buy a or rent a server when your computer can be your own vent server.
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