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Default Problems Connecting Via VPN

I'm having an issue connecting to my personal server as well as every other server i try for that matter while behind a vpn. I'm using a very well known vpn with high speeds and works amazing for gaming ect. However when i try to connect to ventrilo it just fails to connect. Says server is available then when i hit connect it fails and just retrys over and over. Sometimes if i let it sit and attempt to connect over and over after a half hour or so it will connect, but not always. Obviously this is an issue. I need to be able to join ventrilo for gaming purposes, and i absolutely must be able to be behind my vpn as retards seem to like to snag ips out of vent and host boot lately. Any ideas on what the issue may be or how i can fix this? The vpn i'm using is through privateinternetaccess and i'm using their client with their prefered settings. Although i've tried tweaking settings around
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