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Default Private or public?

Is the server hosted by a hosting company or local?
You can change the codecs of the server in the ini file if its a local hosted server. If you pay for a public server you need to contact the server hosting company.
If you are running a server from your PC run the comand prompt nt program then type "ventrilo_srv -?" that will show you the list of possible codecs you can use. Then in the ini file you will need to change the voice codec and voice format.
Basically the default is likely
voice codec 0
voice format 1
change those values to match the ones you want.
voice codec 3
voice format 18
Those are just examples there are many different values you could set and the ventrilo_srv -? command will show you what you can use.
You can also test sound quality before you change the server with the client without signing on by going into the setup and changing the settings and testing.
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