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Default PTT cutting out unexpectedly

I've had issues with PTT just stopping in the middle of a transmition, let me explain.

I have a dual processor G5, and I use the iSight mic, but I don't think these factor into the issue I was seeing.

I was only using vent last night, and I kept "cutting out". I use the option key as my PTT. I physically stared at the client and watched as it stopped transmitting (the light ceased being green and no one could hear me) as I FIRMLY had the option key pushed. I checked my universal options looking for some kind of "stuck key" (where it might only know I'm holding it for x seconds then disregard the fact that I'm holding the key, thus killing PTT) and I found nothing. I can't recreate it every time, but it seems to happen about 25% of the time or so, it is pretty easy to recreate it.

Other than some OS setting that limits how long I can have the option key pushed (you'd think if this were the case I could recreate it 100% of the time) I have no idea what the issue could be aside from something in the ventrilo client, a few other people seem to be having this same issue with the mac client.

I'm looking for some kind of help with this, it's hard to help lead a raid and explain an encounter when I cut out randomly. I'm using default settings in the client, I'd be more than happy to try other things to help narrow it down, but I'm just extremely frustrated with this. This should be a really simple thing, as I hold the PTT button down, PTT should remain active and that transmission light should be green and transmitting my voice, it's not, is it something with the PTT key I'm using, is it some other setting, or is it some kind of bug?
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