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thanks for the response.
unfortunately I doubt that will be possible, because as i said, this is a public server and I dont know if server admins (who dont know me or my friends) would be willing to give us chan admin.
what im hoping is that theres some way i can have my vent client setup to mute (mute just for me, not for everyone else in the channel) people in the channel / everyone on the server automatically - same as if i went down the list of names, right clicked and hit mute for each user (which i can do without being a chan admin). if each person in my group did that, and we just unmuted each other, this would fix the problem. sorry, probably didnt phrase that too well in my original post.
it *seems* to me like it should be easy to do, after all the basic idea is just to make the default setting for my client that people should be muted instead of not muted -- but I don't know if theres a way to do this w/o having admin.
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