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it's possible that the mic has been reconfigured to an 'always on' setting. let's check the mic configuration options"

goto vent setup and click the 'recording(input)' button. this will open the windows audio controls.
clik the recording tab
rt-clik in the windows and enable both 'show' options
disable all un-used devices. rt-clik on each device and select 'disable'. each device should show a black down-arrow
next, rt-clik on your actual mic name and select 'properties'. check each tab settings.

does your mic device have its own audio control-panel app? also check the manufacturers web site to see if they offer an audio c-panel. if there is one available try installing it as it might offer more settings options.

also open task manager/processes and details tabs and look for any apps that might have gained access to the mic.
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