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i might have found a temporary solution. I tested the following registry entry on win8 pro-64 with an AMD Radeon HD 5750 (v12.10 CCC) and have the overlay working (so far). I found this in the msdn forum.

I would need someone with an nvidia card to also test

note: haven't tested with any games yet

this will require manually editing the registry to add a new key with Dword entry.

goto Run > regedit

navigate down to the following key:


then add the following keys under Microsoft (rt-clik in the right-hand pane > new > key)

Direct3D > Shims > EnableOverlays

so that the whole path looks as follows:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Direct3D\Shim s\EnableOverlays]
(Shim s should be Shims)

then rt-clik in the right-hand pane > new > dword 32bit value

change the value name to :

c:\program files\ventrilo\ventrilo.exe
(or your specific install location)

rt-clik on that name > modify > change 'value data' = 1

fyi - here is where i found this info:

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