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Currently 32/7.

Going to run some tests and report on what I see as the difference. Baseline will be vent off completely with headset plugged in but unused.


Baseline - 28 fps (all framerates are average over an identical 3 minute timetest)
Vent open - 28 fps
Vent connected, using builtin mic - 24 fps
Vent connected, using USB headest - 21 fps
(builtin mic for all below)
Channel codec changed to 16/9 - 24
Channel codec changed to 32/5 - 24
Channel codec changed to 16/5 - 24
Server codec changed to 16/5 - 24

Seems like my USB headset was partially to blame, but vent is still killing ~12% of my baseline framerate regardless of codec quality. (used to be the 21 fps number, vent off 28 fps = ~35% increase. My original post was a result of me rounding the numbers, 20->30 is a 50% increase)

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