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Default Ping spiking to 30,000 when I transmit

When I am playing WOW I can be playing and in vent with 30+ people, with 0 issues. That is.. until I start talking; when I start transmitting my ping will always spike, sometimes it will time me out of vent. I am confused because I have no other issues with my internet connection, this is the only time I have problems with latency. Never does my ping spike in games.

I have tried uninstalling vent from my computer and reinstalling but all the settings are exactly the same as before, which is possibly a problem?

would love some help on this one!

edit: I should note that a few months ago, I never had issues transmitting on vent. I am unsure if I changed some settings/ or downloaded a newer version of vent which caused this problem to begin. maybe a combination of both ;/

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