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First of let me say.. i am not trying to necro this thread. However i find that this might be some good information if anyone is still using the wgr614. Or any router for that matter that wont allow you to specify UDP.

If you feel comfortable enough.... depending on which version of WGR-614 you have, you may have a compatible router to run dd-wrt.

This is a third party firmware that you can flash onto the router that provide much, much, much more configurability then the normal netgear standard firmware image.

although i should warn you before you try and reflash your router,
THERE IS A POSSIBILITY THAT YOU COULD BRICK your router if you dont follow the documentation. There is even bigger chance you can brick it if it is not one of the supported versions! dont say i didnt warn you.

It looks like there is working firmware for wgr614 ver.8 and wgr614LL.

The following website provides a list of models that work with dd-wrt.


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