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Originally Posted by Flagship View Post
If you are on the inside LAN never use your external WAN address. The WAN is for external people only.
Doesn't change that nobody can connect using it and the status page says that the server isn't responding. I was attempting to use it to see if I could possibly connect using it and the answer was no.

EDIT: Well nevermind, seems I can connect now after looking up how to fix some random problem (MSG: Synchronizing) and it was suggested to forward port 3866 TCP and UDP. Either that fixed it or it was unrelated as people used to be able to connect yesterday. Oh well.

Maybe the setup instructions for the server setup, under Port Forwarding, it should give information about what ports are required instead of just saying "This is beyond the scope of this documentation". I can understand that it's impossible to tell how to port forward absolutely for every router, but when I was trying to find which ports to forward I couldn't find anything in any obvious places other than 3784.

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