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Server IP: or
Originally Posted by kilikopele View Post
It will help if all future posters did the following and posted results as part of the question:

1) Upon installing, open client on SAME machine and try to connect to server using (localhost). If you don't connect, uninstall, reboot, re-install, and make sure all your hardware is in working order.
Can't test this as I'm running the server on Linux.
Originally Posted by kilikopele View Post
2) If you DO connect, try client on other machine within your network and connect via a local address. (192.168.x.y)
I can connect fine from a Windows computer on the same network but not while attempting to use my external IP.
Originally Posted by kilikopele View Post
3) If you're still good, retrieve your IP address from the link on the Ventrilo page and paste it into the Status link on the Ventrilo home page. Can it see you? If not, you've likely got a port or IP address problem. (BTW, make sure you also open port 6100 udp on the router for the server machine.)
I can telnet the port and the server will acknowledge the connection and disconnect it due to not logging in, but attempting to connect with a Ventrilo client and it doesn't even act like there's an attempted connection.
Originally Posted by Ports Forwarded
Ventrilo Server - TCP 3784
Vent Server 2 - UDP 6100
Vent Server 3 - UDP 3784
I placed them in seperate applications (the way my router port forwards is to organize the ports into what application it's being forwarded for, they can have one or more port forward in it) just because I've run out of possible things to test.
Originally Posted by kilikopele View Post
Knowing those answers, and anything that happens in those steps will help the community solve your problem.
I'm really hoping it's something simple I'm just overlooking, but I'm out of ideas. Thanks in advance.
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