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Default Ventrilo Server on OSX - Start on Boot / Run as Daemon

I wanted to post how to run the Ventrilo server as a Daemon at boot, on Mac OSX Server. I spent several hours researching and figuring this out, so, thought I'd post it for others that may be newer to running a Mac OSX Server.

I am using the launchctl process to start Ventrilo on boot. The actual command is:

"/Applications/VentSrv/ventrilo_srv -f/Applications/VentSrv/ventrilo_srv -d"

This assumes that both the Ventrilo server executable, and the ini file, are in the "/Applications/VentSrv/" folder.

You can manually create the file below and place it in the "/Library/LaunchDaemons" folder. An even easier way is to use Lingon ([url][/url]), a GUI application that will create this file and place it in the correct folder.

Filename: com.ventrilo.ventrilo_srv.plist
File Contents:





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