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I might have an idea, the SRV record is configured to return an IP address as this is what was desired. Whatever function handles understanding the return of that field in Ventrilo itself (probably a built in Windows function,) and the Lightspeed script likely is able to interpret this and just understands to connect to an IP address.

Your script I believe pulls it from the SRV record, and attempts a literal resolve of the address (which will fail, DNS servers do not return A records for an IP address, the IP address IS the A record,) and as a result, fails to "resolve it."

Solutions would be to either change the function which "resolves this" so that it is more robust or flexible, or to check and see if the SRV record returns an IP and not to do a lookup on it.

I don't suppose you guys are hiring for any form of programming work by chance?
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