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Default Vent Server 3.0.3 on Mac OSX 10.4.11

This is in reference to MacVent's locked and sticky post, dated 07-24-2008, 01:59 AM, with the title "Vent Server 3.0.2 on Mac OSX 10.5.4"

MacVent had written:
Issue #2: No one can connect to my server!
If you are hosting your own server, you may need to set up a router and/or firewall to let people connect.

Solution: Enable port forwarding if you are using a router on your network, and configure the Mac OS firewall to allow incoming connections to Ventrilo.
If the Mac OS firewall is down (off), nothing is required, but if it is up (on), it needs to be configured or you can end up with a frustrating run-around (see below).

MacVent had written:
Port Forwarding: [portion related to router setup snipped]

At this point, run the server and go to [url][/url] and enter your external IP (If you don't know it, there is a menu option "My IP" on Ventrilo's website that will tell you) and port 3784. If the website can connect to your server, you're all set. If it is not working, you will need to configure your Mac OS firewall.
You may not be "all set" yet: in my case the status page told me that my server was ready, but nobody could connect to it, and as it turned out, the Mac's firewall was turned on (I did not know that) and, since it had not been configured for Ventrilo, prevented connections even though the status page told me the server was ready.

In other words, check your Mac's firewall status in any case, and if it is active, modify the settings to open the ports used by Ventrilo.

MacVent had written:
Mac OS Firewall: Open System Preferences > Security and click the Firewall tab. In order to run a server you will need to select either "allow all incoming connections" or "set access for specific services and applications."

I recommend "set access for specific services and applications" as allowing all connections could open your computer to attacks. Click the + button below the field and add ventrilo_srv to the list.
On my iBook (OS 10.4.11), the procedure was different:
Open System Preferences > Sharing and click the Firewall tab. Click New, then select Port Name: "Other". In the input window enter the following:
TCP Port Number(s): 3784
UDP Port Number(s): 3784,6100
Description: Ventrilo
Click OK to save the settings.
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