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Have you ever tried convincing a guild of 300+ people to update their software??

I aint gonna happen.
Yes I have.

Three guilds I've been in have switched successfully. It's not easy, but it can be done.

Cursing at the Ventrilo developer is not going to get GSM support here any faster. He's well aware of the situation. He will deliver the software when he's ready and not before.

Incidentally, if he did announce a date and it were a long time out, that would seal your fate. Your guild would not even entertain the thought of switching and would tell you just to wait.

They will not update it unless the previous version doesnt work - especially is there is no real benefit to them updating anyway.
There is a benefit - not having Speex quality issues.

Windows users upgrade their Ventrilo all the time, without a second thought. They simply need to understand that:

A) The beta release is NOT beta. It is production quality and is the release the developer recommends if the server is configured for Speex.
B) Chances are high that voice quality issues will be encountered if every user does not upgrade to the beta.

Again, this isn't something you just post a message saying "hey guys, please upgrade." You work with your guild leadership to make it a requirement for raiding.
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