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- When i start Ventrilo i can hear some ppl talking, and they can hear me, ( use build in mic, and speakers )
but soon i can se some one's icon on talk ( green ) and no sound, it can come after a few seconds, or even minutes.
( I can hear ppl biddig on items after Boss kill's, while we are already doing next mobbs, ( 5-10 min delay )
I lose conection several times as well, not sure why either.
This sound like you have connection issues to the server you're using, rather than a problem with Ventrilo itself.

While in the game and while the conversation is going on, open a terminal window and type these two commands:

ping -c 15


where is the IP address or hostname of the ventrilo server.

I have urged my fellow raiders to use the latest beta for windows, but it looks like that it only takes one in a 40 man raid to €#%! the sound upp.
It's not kind-of-nice if they do, it's imperative that they do. You should work with your guild leadership to send a strong message that upgrading is required if people wish to continue to raid.
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