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Cool Ventrilo does not show CHANNELS

Ok. I have set up Ventrilo on my desktop and my laptop. My desktop runs Windows XP and my laptop runs Windows Vista. Everything was working just fine on both until the latest upgrade patch. Now my desktop works fine. However my laptop has a problem.

Whenever I hit the "Connect" button I log on like usual but I see none of my channels. I have 6 different channels set up. I use the exact same HOSTNAME and PORT number. Like I said, it connects but doesn't show the channels. I went ahead and tried creating one of the channels anyway. When I did it said "This channel already exists." Yet it doesn't appear on Ventrilo.

I tried bringing this to the attention of help support. They came back saying that they have no idea what is wrong and to try someone on the forums. IS THERE ANYONE WHO CAN HELP ME?
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