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Originally Posted by Nick_Le_Mes View Post

I've had this issue for a couple if weeks now and thought i'de shed a little more light from my experience.

I started experiencing exactly the same issue connecting to my ventrilo server from the UAE. BUT I can still connect perfectly every so often at random times, maybe once every 2 days if i get lucky, if i disconnect it will not let me back on until next time i get lucky, although i do have about 50 - 100 ping more than i used to. Also i would like to point out that all this happened just after the recent so called "cable cuts".

But i have found that i can host my own ventrilo server on my PC (The one i use i pay for and is hosted in Germany) and use Hamachi to allow friends to connect, if anyone reading this is experienced in how Hamachi and such programs work they might be able to work out what's wrong since i have little understanding of all the technicalities surrounding this. Point is if i host locally through Hamachi people can still connect as normal.

Also i can use Teamspeak, i'm thinking they haven't blocked this becuase some big companies such as Itihad Airways use TS for training, but TS sux hardcore and Etisalat have blocked the TS website, even anti-proxy can't get me past the blocked download of it. I used an older version of TS and it worked so whatever, Etisalat has been and can support VoIP services so the only reason they recently is that they don't want to.

I see the only reason they want to block them is so that the tonnes workers they bring in from asia can't freely comm back to their families, but erm... hate to burst their bubble but MSN will let them do that. I therefore see no reason for VoIP to be blocked, there is just no sensible reason.
Very informative post. I had forgotten about the cable cuts the other week. When I read that I started wondering if maybe they were trying to limit the amount of traffic and killing anything that might be stream oriented until the cables are repaired.

BTW: Your unable to bind message just meant that you had another copy of the server running.

I don't know if han1man's comments above about telecoms authority is true but I'll see if I can get an official answer.

Is everyone here who is having problems using Etisalat as their ISP or did I miss anyone above complaining about another company?

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