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Heres the verdict guys talked to a etisalat customer rep. While i was really pissed, so he spilled out this out

"VoIP programs are blocked, they are blocked for security reasons. Etisalat is not the one blocking this program but the UAE national telecoms authority is Blocking. In this case We CANNOT do anything about it I recommend talking to the Uae national telecoms authority"

I got their number and called them i got as far as getting on hold till my mobile credit ran out and I live in Al ain, so calling Dubai calls extra from my house phone so i rather not.

Be my guest and call 181 and ask for their number i erased it from my phone ( sorry really was upset about this !@# news )

In my opinion ( actually my guild mates opinion which I agree with 1001231% )
- If your paying for the internet that should mean you have access to everything thats related to the internet, I could understand them blocking sites with p*rngraphic material on but this is ridiculous.

Good luck to you all.

P.s: UAE internet fails Lets start our own internet company and exclude the stupid UAE telecoms authority
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