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Default Same problem different culprate

Originally Posted by Flagship
When does it lock up?
I believe that this is the key, not the number of people in the channel, I haven't done a 40 man channel, but certainly over 20 and the # or participants has not affected my vent-beta client. However... in my longer playing sessions I can say with comfort that every day that i play for long hours I will experience a silent lockup. No error messages or anything, just everything goes silent and after a while of wondering where my guildies chatter has gone I mouse over the vent window and get the beach-ball waiting mouse pointer. So, the simplest response is to on the vent icon in my dock, choose force quit and then after arguing with my OS whether this application closing was "unexpected" I restart vent and reconnect... one again on my way.

But I attributed it to some sort of resource leak because it's very consistent, it takes a long time to reproduce, and it's not an error that manifests any warnings, it just kinda, goes away and never comes back.

Thank for finally making a beta client for macs, I wish it had some more features, but I know that macs have long been ignored by voice-comm and it's nice to see us get a little attn
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