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Default more info

Here's what i have tried.

First off it looks like a regular blank page yet names a .pkg. most all other .pkg's i have seen have the stuffit box on the icon so you know it can be installed. 2nd when I click on it to open it it opens like it's to install and then runs into the error code

An error occurred attempting to expand 'VentriloClient.pkg'. A Folder specified when a file was required.
Error #17530.

^This is what it says word for word.

So it makes me think that it doesn't have a certain file in order to install it. When I had Divx installed it would try to install it with Divx. So I un-installed Divx thinking it would find a different way to installed yet ended up to use Stuffit. Doesn't work it gives me the error above.

I thought that I could install the server to see my luck there. Though I don't have the mac to hold the servers I wanted to see how it would install. I get the zip stuffit and it opens the installer fine. I dl it and its all good. I don't know if there is a file that gets lost when i unzip the Client or if i need to download something to get the installer open.
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