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Moving from Speex to GSM may actually lower the sound quality due to increased bandwidth.

You (or the vent account admin) would be better off tweaking the Speex settings on the Vent server to settings if you want better quality.

Please read this

items #2 and #3 for suggested settings.

All of the setting changes can be made on the Vent server and the clients will auto-adjust so it requires no effort or changes on the users end.

If they insist on GSM, you can use the Linux Vent client or install Windows on your Mac and run the Windows client. All of which are a pain and not really a good solution.

...I just had another thought: Codeweavers makes a product called Crossover, which allows you to run some Windows apps on your Mac without installing Windows. Looks like Ventrilo Windows client has been tested and works. I am unsure as to how the GSM codec is being handled though.


(edit: I said most of this in a prior, just saying it again for clarity)

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