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Cool 64bit Windows Client - 3.0.3.Alpha.8

I am pleased to announce the the first Ventrilo 64bit Windows Client compiled for native 64bit Windows Platforms (2003/64, XP/64 and Vista/64).

The version is 3.0.3.Alpha.8. I call it an alpha so that people can test with it and so that we can get some feedback about anything that we might have missed during the port.

But in reality it is a recompiled 3.0.1 Windows 32bit client with a few minor adjustments to make it truly 64bit compliant. This was a lot easier then I ever thought. Apparently the 32bit version of the code was so well designed and engineered, that with a few tweaks here and there, I was able to modify the 32bit source code to be compiled on the 64bit compiler. This means that instead of maintaining two different source trees I can continue working on the common 32bit version and the 64bit build will pick all of the changes automatically. As one is updated so shall the other be.

I would really appreciate it if anyone with more then 4Gig of ram in your 64bit windows machine can try consuming the lower 4gig of your box with some other application and then running the 64bit Ventrilo client on top of that. If that works perfectly then we'll know that this version is fully 64bit compliant.

I will add to this thread as any known problems are reported and with any possible solutions.

You can download this product from the main ventrilo download page.

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