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The Ventrilo server is not on the local LAN, it's running on a remote machine in Newark, NJ, USA. It's a Linux machine, running version 3.0.3 of the Ventrilo server.

Internet access is provided by a Netgear DG834GT router, but that's connected to the network via the gigabit switch, local network traffic doesn't go through it. The actual internet line is 8mbps ADSL, not that I think that matters.

I'm not sure what other details I can give that are relevant. The iperf results show the issue. Copying files to and from the gigabit enabled PC's on the LAN usually results in 65-70MB/sec of throughput, but it's considerably reduced when the Ventrilo client is running and connected.

It seems unlikely that something else on the system is causing the issue as it happens only when Ventrilo is open and connected. It's 100% reproducible.

I've also tried disabling both QoS and IPv6 with no change.
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