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Default Resource hogging?

TO be honest, i've used Vent for over a year and been very happy with it. However, just today something came to my attention. I was playing warcraft, and I noticed I was getting an obscenely high framerate compared to what I usually get, on the order of 50+% higher. Naturally, I was confused as I had not updated anything recently. So I spend a little while trying to figure out what had changed, to no avail. I start up ventrilo to talk to one of my guildmates -

- and my framerate immediately drops to the original level.

After a bit of experimentation, it was only when I actually connected to the server that my framerate would drop significantly.

I realize that Ventrilo has encoding and decoding to do, and my computer isn't exactly state-of-the-art (1.5GHZ G4 powerbook, 2GB RAM), but is it so significant as to eat up that much of my computer's power, and is there any way to reduce the load?
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