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Default SHAW (Canada) USER(s) WITH MASSIVE PING VENT since 3.0?

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Email your ISP!! Call Them! Complain! If it's their fault I want something Fixed, if it's Vent I want them to know it's not just me having this problem!

Shaw's Vancouver help email is [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]

I am getting annoyed and very frustrated that this has been going on for over a month now!! So in further interest of seeing this fixed I'm taking a page from [URL=""]thorg23[/URL] to see if any other users on Shaw or in Canada are having a hell of a time connecting to vent servers or experiencing high latency.

Originally Posted by thorg23
if you are a Shaw user and having identical massive pings and freezes please post here so we can gauge if its affecting a few people or everyone.

plz dont post here if your on another ISP maybe start a similar thread if you know there are more than 2 or 3 with your isp and identical problems.
I live:
Canada, BC, Cloverdale

and I'm on Shaw.

as is my friend who lives in Langley BC. (having the same problems)

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