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Solutions from Ventrilo Users
(these are listed here due to unique configurations)

1. If you are running a motherboard with nVidia chipset and have "NVIDIA Forceware Network Access Manager" installed from the Forceware package try uninstalling it as it is an add-on you don't need that only conflicts with Vista.

2. Router w/Speedboost -

3. Thinking Outside the Box -

4. The Ventrilo2.INI file becomes corrupt. (this is rare but has been seen to cause connection problems)

Exit Ventrilo
Goto START > RUN and enter: %appdata%\ventrilo
Right-click on Ventrilo2.ini and select “Rename”
Give the file a different name
Delete the Ventrilo folder
Restart vent
Re-enter your username and server information

Mobile Wi-Fi/Broadband Adapters

Check the device configuration for "Proxy" settings and try disabling it.

(consult the device documentation for location of settings)

Verizon FIOS Firewall

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