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That's a really good observation; but, Vent is behaving in a way that is in accordance with Apple's Human Interface Guidelines. Here's the guideline from Apple:

"In most cases, applications that are not document-based should quit when the main window is closed. For Example, System Preferences quits if the user closes the window. If an application continues to perform some function when the main window is closed, however, it may be appropriate to leave it running when the main window is closed. For example, iTunes continues to play when the user closes the main window."

System Prefs, iPhoto and a number of other Apps quit when the main window is closed as the Application isn't doing anything else 'in the background'.

Hope that clarifies the behavior.

As far as minimizing the Vent window, either clicking the Yellow minimize button at the top left corner of the window or double clicking the title bar at the top of the vent window will minimize the window down into the dock. (Or press Command-M when the window is visible and in front).

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