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Originally Posted by wadesworld View Post
There is indeed a player limit in 2.3.
I believe the free server license (and the Pro) requires the users to keep their version of the Ventrilo server current. The people running your server are in violation of the license agreement and knowingly doing so.

What they should do is pay for a hosted server large enough to host the number of users they need.

It is not available. You are out of luck unless your server administrator decides to act in an ethical manner.
Thank you for your answer. I can't really believe the people who are using the server are in violation of the licence agreement and knowingly to do that... Though it would explain why they don't upgrade it :s. I'm going to have a conversation with the server admin about that because if you are right it is a bad thing.

One more question: What is the playerlimit in the 2.3 version?
I can't find it in the FAQ and before I start the conversation with the serveradmin I would like to be well informed.

Thank you once more.
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