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Default Make Speex the Default Codec

Just as the topic says. Make speex a default codec for both client and server editions of Ventrilo. Ask hosting companies who don't already have it to ensure that Speex is available for all their servers.

These small but minor changes will go a long way towards allievating the pain many Mac users playing MMORPGs suffer where it comes to end-game content. I myself have been shut out of end-game in WoW due to this very reason after having learned that no one is going to make an effort to alter the codec on my behalf just to accomodate me alone. They simply don't care if it takes 15 seconds and a server reboot. If it doesn't affect them directly, they won't even bother.

If Speex, isntead of GSM was defaulted, I imagine many Mac users would rejoice. Of course, should PC users happen to notice that the quality of Speex is not up to par, they have the option to change it; but at least from the get go this levels the playing field for mac users who are trying to get into an end-game guild.
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