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Hello all, I too am having the same problem.

I am running OSX 10.11.1 and ventrilo verson 3.0.13 and I am using my Iphone headphones (which are the ones that I have always used with vent and have given me no problems)

I have tried the following:

*deleted all vent files
*re installed vent
*created new user names
*changed the sound settings in vent and my machine to all possible combinations
*checked and unchecked the mute boxes
*used my headphones on my phone and other machines, and they work fine (I can hear with them)

I can see my peer's mics lighting up green when they speak, I can also hear them if I unplug my mic.

I have searched in your forums for an issue like this, and on google as well but I cant find a solution anywhere.

Any help or advise will gladly be accepted.

Thank you in advanced!
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