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Default MSG Mystery! This is a weird one.

Ok, this one surprised me as I do alot of tech work.

Ventrilo has been working for me for over a year. Logged on two days ago and got the dreaded MSG: Contacting Server msg on any server.

No new equipment. Vista 64 Bit.

I went through the router settings, opened ports, turned off firewalls (internal and software), hard resets, tracerts and telnets.

Still no dice. So now I go to my laptop and other PC on the same network. All work.

I open up my Windows 7 on the same PC. Works. I then even try Windows Vista 64 Bit Safe mode. No work.

What else can I try?

So to wrap it up.

PC's on the same network work flawlessly.
My PC on Windows 7 runs flawlessly.
My PC on 64 Bit and 64 Bit Safe Mode do not work. (*with all ports open and no firewalls, and tracert and telnet working.)

Did Microsoft release an update that kills (*blocks*) Ventrilo?

I will post and try any suggestions.
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