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Thanks for your reply. I tried booting in safe mode and have the same results. Below is a screen shot of the safe mode boot. As you can see, in both modes when I right click on the server admin option all of those options are greyed/locked out.
Originally Posted by Prog-Rocker View Post
after connecting do you see the server name in the white area of the window?

rt-clik in the window > server admin > user editor > display tab > are any boxes checked
(if all boxes are unchecked then you need to contact a server admin to change your permissions)

then try this test:

Booting Into Safe-Mode


Restart Windows
Keep hitting the F8 function key before the Windows logo appears. You should see a list of options to choose from.
Select “Safe Mode with Networking”. This will boot windows into a very basic configuration but also allow network drivers to load.

Start Ventrilo to see if it connects all the way. If it works properly then there is something that is loading during the normal boot that is interferring with the connection.
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