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Default Windows Server 2012

Recently Upgraded my work server OS from Win Server 2003 to Win Server 2012.
Vent Server worked flawlessly as a service on win server 2003 for years.

I have the service installed and running on Windows server 2012.
I can only connect to it on the server itself using localhost for the address.
Using internal ip's locally doesn't work, nor does using my public ip outside the network.

I have 3784 udp forwarded
3784 tcp forwarded
6100 udp forwarded all to the appropriate address.

Using a Cable Modem/Router SMCD3G-CCR from Comcast

the Ventrilo Status web page shows my server up and running.

The client says server is available, but is unable to connect.

Firewall rules have been made, even tried disabling the firewall, and using the dmz
all had the same result,

Clients can tell that the server is there, it just doesn't respond properly upon attempting to connect.

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