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I agree with Balthezaar, but thought I'd throw in personal opinion as I've just rented after rolling my own for a year. I've been hosting on my laptop while gaming on by big rig with few problems. Our clan has grown, though, and it means 3 things that started bugging me.

1) I was starting to get asked for my IP address by "strangers". Yeah, they may run in my guild, but that doesn't mean I'd invite them over for a whiskey.

2) As we've grown, occasionally we've hit the home limit.

3) Especially with fast-twitch games (Like BF2 and CS:S), it meant that my internet connection was fielding all game traffic, my out-going voice (through my router and into my laptop), and then all channels of audio going back out. So I'm getting killed by players I've never seen and my guild-mates are yelling at me for letting someone walk right up on me.

For your use, I think you're making the right choice by sticking with the personal-server. Once you run into any of the above, it's time to search out an alternative. The hosting fees have been dropping. (Has anyone else noticed this?)
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