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So Ventrilo does work in 10.6? Some guy posted earlier that it didn't. Knowing at least it works, albeit with the same stupid robotic voice problem, is good to know.

I too am getting really frustrated with having to reboot Ventrilo every 20 minutes after my raid yells "Robot" in the middle of me saying something important. I have 2 other Mac using friends with headsets that run the same versions as me without this problem. I have tried downgrading vent with no success in solving it. I was hoping 10.6 would fix it but it seems it doesn't. An update on whether or not people are looking into the cause of this would be helpful - I have run out of solutions to try and sometimes don't even log on to vent because I don't want to keep having to wonder if I'm irritating my friends with sudden bouts of robot static.
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