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That headset appears to have a line level analog output and input (???)

It's odd that Skype would recognize what kind of headset it is as if it is analog audio and mic, the computer would not receive any indication as to what kind of device it is.

You will need to use the splitter to separate the audio and Mic as some Macs have two separate connections for those. On the other hand, some later Macs have no Line In port, so you need to use USB...

...The 'dual purpose headphone jack' as linked above only applies to Mid-2012 MacBook Pro 13's. And it doesn't do both at the same time - i.e. it's either an input or an output but not both at the same time.

The biggest issue is...

If your Mac has an audio input port (or the dual purpose port per above), it's is a Line-In port, *not* a mic in port.

The audio input on the Mac requires a microphone that has it's own power source i.e. a Powered Microphone to operate properly.

Here's what you may need to make the Mic work

or an iRig

However, I would suggest picking up a USB headset instead.

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