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Default static and loud when i launch game

So, i had no issues with my vent until today. been running it for years. i installed the newest realtek hd audio drivers r2.75. I fired up vent today, no problem. works and sounds fine, however after i launch counter strike global offensive my friends say it gets "loud and staticky". i dont know if the static is coming from it being too loud or what. This issue continues even if i leave the game. if i reboot its fine until i launch the game again. additionally, if i alt-tab after launching the game, and open the setup menu, and close it, keep in mind i've changed nothing, just hit the setup button and closed it. it fixes the issue.

i am stumped. also, im sure this is connected but when i launch the game regardless of where i have set my steam mic volume previously it maxes it out. i had to add something to my counter strike autoexec so it will stay where i want it.

i have gone into sounds/communications and made it so its set to "do nothing" when windows detects communications activity,

how can i fix this??
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