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low and behold.....the answer presents itself.
so, the connectivity from my ear bud style headset to my computer goes like this:
USB port on computer --> USB cable --> sound blaster XFI Go --> little 2 to 1 dongle / adapter (from single connector on ear buds to dual mic / headphone jack on XFI Go) --> earbud style head set.

just being the anal retentative geek that i am, i decided to grab another ear bud head set. just to make sure what i had was in working order. as i was switching things in and out to test the components, i found out the the dongle connecting my earbuds to my XFI Go was the culprit.
now, for the record, that piece still works as far as recording to a .wav file or whatever. as a matter of fact, if i use the world of warcraft in game chat, it works just fine. im not stating that to knock vent. i think vent rocks for what it is and it does so much more than let me and my buddies shoot the breeze.
i am saying that to bring up a much more important point in the matter. i bet all of the unfixable robot voice / static problems could well be the cables or headset used. sure it works with other things just like mine did. but that doesnt mean a thing if it doesnt work with vent, like mine didnt.
so for the record, i think it should be put in the trouble shooting portion of these forums that the hardware and cabling needs to be checked as well. from the sound device {onboard or otherwise} to the headset used and all of the things in between.
getting someone who is at thier whits end to believe a piece of hardware that works with other things just fine is the culprit will probably be the hardest part.

to be honest, this had happened to me once before. the robot voice / static had been plaguing me for about a month or so. to make it even harder to figure out, it was pretty much when the SPEEX codec was used. GSM would still crap out but not nearly as much as SPEEX would. so we made channels that ran SPEEX for the mac users and GSM as a standard for everyone else. but after getting my ass kicked for so long and realizing it had to be something other then the SPEEX codec, i started playing with different hardware {sound cards, USB sound devices, the onboard sound} and the problem still persisted. i tried different operating systems {2k pro, XP home / pro / 64bit, win 7 home premium / ultimate. NEVER vista though}. i used different vent versions while juggling between 32bit and 64bit. i tried hosting a vent server thinking it was a hosting company problem {bumped my internet connection to 50megs down and 25 megs up to handle in traffic issues. im near the cable company and im on the new fiber optic network}. i even used my macbook pro to run just the vent client. which, oddly enough worked because i wasnt using the bad cable extension at the time as the mac was not more then 2 feet away from where i was sitting. that of course worked.

anyway, i wrote this long wided post because vent is a huge part of online gaming. from FPS to MMORPG type games, we need the ability to communicate. vent really revolutionized how we think of our online cohorts. those people went from "some guys {and gals} you raid with "to my friends that i hang out with". that and i wanted to brag a little that all of the hard work i put into finding the root cause of my problems was not in vain. now, i hope that others can learn from what i have figured out. a huge and ginormous "thank you" goes out to all of the others that gave me all of the other things to try so i could get my vent working again. the fact that i tried all of the things listed here and other sites that didnt fix my problems really was that extra nudge i needed to geek out on this problem. i know this will help many, many others.
feel free to PM me if you think i might be able to help figure your problems out.
AJ ^^)

PS.. thanks for making a damn fine product. i have learned soooo much about vent that our little vent server really "roxor meh soxor".
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