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sorry, in the user-editor, there are different tabs for different permissions to allow (or not allow) certain actions.

if you have entered individual names (left-hand box) then you need to assign them permissions (as the default is no permissions)

getting started as admin:

(in windows)
start / programs / ventsrv / edit INI

enter an admin password at AdminPassword=
save the file
restart the vent server process

from your client:

rt-clik in the white window / server admin / login
enter the admin password

rt-clik in white window / server admin / user editor

select a user name in left box (in this case select Guest) / in the profiles box, select "Generic User" then clik the Load button / clik the 'Update' button

check each tab to make sure the permissions you want are set correctly.

do the same for each user entered.
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